Hi, I’m Nan. I grow plants,
take photos, paint, & write. (If I am not learning check my pulse.)

I’m a mass communications specialist based in central Illinois with experience in UX writing and mass communications—partnering with designers, developers, and executives from project planning to production. I am currently pursuing UX design certification through SMU Continuing and Professional Education and studying for the Certified Associate Project Manager exam through PMI.

Empathizing, Inspection, & Research

As with any project, the research and initiation phase is like a giant whiteboard. More unknowns than knowns. Digging deep into the emotions felt through every touch point deepens our understanding of how users experience a product. People remember what they feel more than what they hear, read, or even touch. Ask a witness of a frightening traffic event to recall specifics such as colors or makes of vehicles and they may struggle to remember any specifics with clarity, though such inputs were certainly part of their experience. Ask them how they felt, and they will be able to paint a vivid picture, which may even draw out the more intricacies of the event. Each minute element of an experience is an input to the generation of human emotions, but we remember the feelings because they are, in a sense, part of us.

The “Truckster” project is allowing us to learn what we don’t know so that we can design a product concept that will delight users.

The slideshow below was the result of a short exercise used to increase my awareness of how customer journey mapping can benefit any company as they seek to understand and meet their customer’s felt needs.