Cam + Mike | Far Hills, New Jersey Wedding

Laughter. It tells more stories than we often give it credit for. The wedding day of Mike and Cam at the family estate in Far Hills, New Jersey embodied a joyful spirit of family connectedness that echoed with the music of laughter.  The day was dotted and sprinkled with details that illuminated for all justContinue reading “Cam + Mike | Far Hills, New Jersey Wedding”

The Princeton Wedding Show by New Jersey Photographer Nan Doud Photography

Back in the Spring I had the opportunity to participate in the Princeton Wedding Show at the beautiful Nassau Inn in Princeton, New Jersey. We live near Princeton and are there frequently for many reasons. I have always loved the aesthetic and the ambiance of The Nassau Inn so I was really excited to beContinue reading “The Princeton Wedding Show by New Jersey Photographer Nan Doud Photography”

The Linen Book

In this day and age where cell phones never leave our hands, where images pass our eyes at an almost dizzying rate, where there is at least one screen exploding with imagery in just about every room of the house, it can be easy to forget that photographs are not meant to solely inhabit theContinue reading “The Linen Book”

Princeton, New Jersey Wedding – Elise & Michael

Every wedding I capture is a unique blend of personalities — a story that has never been told before. Michael and Elise’s wedding was a beautiful day that I was so blessed to be a part of.  I love the story that these two have to share for a couple of reasons. One being thatContinue reading “Princeton, New Jersey Wedding – Elise & Michael”

Sunshine and Shadows

Life has bee moving at a seriously hectic pace around our place. I have four sons so there’s never a lack of activity to be sure. It. never. ends. And I seriously love it. Sometimes you need a complete and sudden change of pace to help you refocus though. A few weeks ago we hadContinue reading “Sunshine and Shadows”

The Holdfast Moneymaker

If you cross an artist with a pack mule, what do you get? A wedding photographer. The artist part is obvious. The pack mule? Because, like it or not, we wedding photographers have to lug a hefty amount of gear around with us when we are out there capturing all of that beautiful. (We often evenContinue reading “The Holdfast Moneymaker”

Choppin’ in a Winter Wonderland

Yesterday the Northeast was treated to a beautiful snowfall that covered our streets and our trees with a fluffy blanket of snow. As a regular human, snow makes me want to stay in my jammies, curl up, drink hot beverages and read some soul-filling literature while listening to music. But the photographer shouts, “HELLO! SnowContinue reading “Choppin’ in a Winter Wonderland”

Portrait design for your home deserves as much attention to detail as any design element in your home. Actually more!

I want you to look at this image of a sofa. (I didn’t take this photo. It’s a stock image.) You most likely put a lot of thought into how you design and decorate your home. You read design magazines. You might get inspiration from your favorite TV designers. Maybe you have a certain eraContinue reading “Portrait design for your home deserves as much attention to detail as any design element in your home. Actually more!”

Print Your Snapshots! Check out this amazing photo app!

Soooo, you know how I’m always harping on how important it is to get your pictures printed? While I definitely mean that you need to invest in beautiful fine art wall art from your portrait session with Nan Doud Photography,  I also mean that you need to have your snapshots printed! Remember photo kiosks? BragContinue reading “Print Your Snapshots! Check out this amazing photo app!”