Empathy & Research

Using MURAL, Slack, and Zoom meetings, a diverse group of geographically distributed individuals, we worked together to understand, empathize, find themes, and create a Lean Canvas.

We began with a question: What does a person do when they don’t own a truck and they need something moved, delivered, or hauled away ASAP?

We created an empathy board and then grouped our ideas into themes on a cluster board.

We each come from different places and perspectives; some of us are immigrants for whom English is a second language, some of us live in large metropolitan areas, others live in cities on the East Coast and Midwest. We came together, identified a problem, and were able to find commonalities in the pain points we identified.

Next, we created a Lean Canvas.

These steps helped us begin to identify our target customers and their needs, as well as important business functions surrounding our product.

Next, we each carried out a 6-part design inspection of a specific competitor’s site and/or app using various methods, including VIMM load factors and Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design. The slideshow below includes a small portion of our findings from our design inspections of 5 competitor sites and apps.

The next phase of our research will include user interviews, in which we will ask open-ended questions that help us understand the needs and expectations of our main user and a few types of extreme users. This feedback we receive will be the most important aspect of preparation prior to moving into ideation and solutioning.