Cam + Mike | Far Hills, New Jersey Wedding

Laughter. It tells more stories than we often give it credit for. The wedding day of Mike and Cam at the family estate in Far Hills, New Jersey embodied a joyful spirit of family connectedness that echoed with the music of laughter. 

The day was dotted and sprinkled with details that illuminated for all just how much family and friendship mean to Mike & Cam. 

From the reception venue itself, a treasured family residence that held deep historical meaning for Cam’s family, to the inclusion of foxes that spoke of past family traditions, the day shouted to the world what mattered most to the bride and groom: the blessings of family and friends.

The wedding ceremony took place at Saint Brigid Roman Catholic Church in Far Hills, a beautiful building filled with history.

And of course the ceremony itself was filled with all of the joys and happy tears that weddings are known for. 

I think the world may have just as well disappeared as far as these two were concerned…

There was no shortage of fun for this group!

What I love so much about weddings is partly this: it is a new family forming. It’s like the moment the world came into being… It’s explosive and mind-blowing and pretty much angels rejoice at its occurrence. It deserves celebration because something new has burst onto the scene where it previously did not exist… and who knows where it will lead. One thing is for certain for Mike and Cam, it will be filled with love.

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