Sunshine and Shadows

Life has bee moving at a seriously hectic pace around our place. I have four sons so there’s never a lack of activity to be sure. It. never. ends. And I seriously love it. Sometimes you need a complete and sudden change of pace to help you refocus though. A few weeks ago we had a family issue arise that meant my husband and I needed to suddenly travel a long distance to be of the most effective help. 

I had to completely switch rails from photography and business on the brain 190% of the time to family service mode (which meant a lot of different things while we were there). It was a long, hard week that reminded me that we live in the shadowlands. But when I came back home a week later I felt like something had been reset. It was weird but good. I felt more balanced and able to look at things with a better perspective.

This translated into me getting back to doing some things that I’d let slip in the craziness of life. I spent a week gardening and getting my backyard looking a little spiffed up. It’s still not “there” yet but it’s well on its way and we have a vision finally. And then I tackled the back room of our house which had been all but destroyed by an animal. (Long story for another time, but he is now living on an acreage where he can run 50 miles a day and never get worn out. He needed large tracts of land!) 

The before is pretty gruesome, complete with horrible lighting and a bad phone photo look about it. 

So here’s a little something about me. When I set my mind to a project, I pretty much forego all sleep and healthy eating habits, normal hydration and personal hygiene until it’s finished. (Okay… I’m being slightly facetious… slightly.) It went from that up there to this (down below) in 9 days. 

I did a lot of research on the best colors to use in an east facing sun room and when it came right down to it I decided I had to have two colors. One would have been too overwhelming. I went with a semi-gloss to help maintain the brightness throughout the room despite the dark color choices I went with and I love how it turned out! The room went from a pit of despair where I dreaded going to my favorite room in the house.

The whole project cost about the price of your average new couch. We bought the black chair in the corner new (which is a reproduction, not the original, folks!) which is rare for us. I am kind of a Queen Bee when it comes to finding awesome used furniture. Both the black chair on the left and the gorgeous gold chair were used. The gold one only cost me a cool $29! I am in love with it.

On the opposite wall is the kids’ computer desk.

If you think of it, pray for these house plants. I have about as good of a record with houseplants as I do with goldfish. 

The whole project helped me reconnect with some of the other things I love besides photography and gave me time to quietly think about life as I painted. I even went on to repaint the hallway leading down to our basement this week… which sounds really unthrilling but it was also that ugly shade of yellow and riddled with holes from previous owners. I love making things refreshed and renewed! 

Sometimes life just needs to give you a little defibrillation to perk you up. As much as the last month has been a bit of a roller coaster, I think it was just what the doctor ordered. And I can almost hear my house thanking me for paying it some much needed attention! 


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We are not wanderers. We are sojourners traveling together along a broken path, following the one who goes before us into the suffering and into the ever brightening glory.