The Holdfast Moneymaker

If you cross an artist with a pack mule, what do you get? A wedding photographer. The artist part is obvious. The pack mule? Because, like it or not, we wedding photographers have to lug a hefty amount of gear around with us when we are out there capturing all of that beautiful. (We often even hire our own personal Frodos to help bear our burdens.) All this to say, it can sometimes feel a little ungainly. We have multiple cameras, an array of lenses, often lighting equipment, not to mention the little secret stashes of things that make you go, “Wow… you thought of everything.” (We LOVE impressing you with having already thought of everything, by the way. It makes us feel like superheroes, and everyone likes to feel like a superhero, right?)

Like many other photographers I’m always looking for ways to ease the load on my back. I’ve had a number of different systems in the past but I finally decided it was time to really invest in something that was going to make doing my job make sense for my life (because saving my back makes sense for my life!)

Enter The Holdfast Moneymaker. With a name like that, it’s certainly bound to attract the professional photographer. Nicely done, Holdfast marketing department. Nicely done. I also must add that I love the packaging. I am a total sucker for packaging. (I honestly don’t know a single creative type that isn’t a sucker for packaging that’s on point.)

Nothing beats packaging that can be reused. It seems so much more human than a plastic sleeve. So, bonus points for that aspect as well.

The Holdfast Moneymaker is designed so that you can shoot with up to three cameras attached, making it easy to switch back and forth without having to become a professional circus juggler, much as most wedding photographers are stellar multi-taskers.

I’m not normally a two camera shooter. I’m a single camera shooter with a lens selection that I keep on my person in a Shootsac so I can make changes quickly and have more than two options at the ready. But carrying this gear, which adds up to about 25 pounds altogether, all day and generally all to one side of the body, puts a tremendous strain on my back so that when I get home at night I spend about an hour stretching and asking my husband to “crack me.” (Plug your ears, chiropractors!)

I love the proudly American styling of these products too. Look at the bold, beautiful interior?

The design is such that instead of a second camera, since I don’t use one often, I can instead attach the Holdfast Sightseer large lens pouch and store a second lens in there so that it’s easily accessible at my side. I also love that I can comfortably shoot with the Moneymaker while wearing my jacket over it OR under it. I used to have to do a lot of gymnastics to get in and out of jackets with my bags and straps all criss-crossing each other. This system simplifies things beautifully in that regard. I may eventually invest in a second smaller lens pouch but for now I’m going to see how I like it with just the one.

The pouch comfortably holds a 70-200 with the lens hood attached, which is really important when you are needing to change lenses quickly. You don’t want to be wrestling with your bag. 

I’ll be using it all day at a wedding this weekend for the first time so I look forward to sharing with you how I feel it stacks up to my old system. I’ll let you know!

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