A Sparkling Wedding at Jericho Terrace in Long Island, New York

A Sparkling Wedding at Jericho Terrace in Long Island, New York

R & K had every detail covered for their sparkling Jericho Terrace wedding in Long Island, New York this past Summer. Flowers, food, family and friends flowed in abundance! (Wow. That was some serious alliterative power right there!) I second shot this wedding with the talented and lovely Jacqueline Patton Photography. I love shooting with Jackie because not only are our styles very similar, both in how we work and in the photos that speak to us but also because well… she has the most awesome clients. R & K were no exception. 

The gorgeous bride and her handsome groom and their whole bridal party definitely made having fun a huge priority on this day!

R & K chose the opulent Jericho Terrace in Long Island, New York as their reception venue. With glittering details throughout it is quite a feast for the eyes. And the food presentation… it ain’t too shabby either!

The flowers were gorgeous. But that ceiling?! Shut. UP.

But let’s just talk about this bride for a minute. I can’t handle the gorgeous!!

Just an altogether gorgeous day! Thanks again, Jackie, for letting me come along on this one!

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