Summer Wedding at Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge in Warren, New Jersey

Since moving from California and relaunching my business in New Jersey I have made a big point of shooting alongside some fantastic New York | New Jersey wedding photographers. Jacqueline Patton Photography is one of those and Michelle Wolfe Photography, run by Jackie’s own dear friend, Michelle, is another one.

I just love shooting with these girls! They are fun, energetic and so professional. I know that their clients adore them. But I must say, I adore their clients as well. It’s been such a privilege to serve their clients alongside them. Thanks, Michelle, for the opportunity to capture this day with you!

I sure have shot my share of rainy weddings this summer! And this elegant rainy day wedding at Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge was no exception.

Rain can sometimes seem a discouragement to a couple on their wedding day. It sometimes means creative problem solving and changes of plans. It usually means that you get to be more flexible about your vision for your day. But one thing it doesn’t automatically do: ruin your wedding day.

That’s right. Rain on your wedding day is a beautiful example of what married life itself is like. It brings surprises. It doesn’t always go according to plan. It might mean a little more work and a little more need to huddle close together. But the unexpected doesn’t have to ruin our days because, let’s face it, life is all about the unexpected. And when you expect the unexpected… you sometimes get to laugh (at least a little) when it comes!

The Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge wedding venue is a unique blend of urban sophistication and rustic elegance. 

And the food… ummm… well… I’ll just let the pictures do the talking because I’m just going to be over here cleaning the drool off my keyboard. This small sampling does NOT do it justice. The food there is amazing. And I have eaten my fair share of wedding food so I know what I’m talking about!

What a treasure to be able to share in and capture the moments of this beautiful day!

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