Liberty House Wedding Jersey City, New Jersey

These two just adored each other. 

Buuuut I’m getting ahead of myself. 

The day started and ended and had weaved throughout it this one common thread: Family is King. And these families, including the friends who were clearly just extensions of these families, shared so much love.

Illustrating the love and friendship of the day were the countless details of thoughtfulness that permeated the day’s events.

I spent the early part of the day with the guys as they got ready.

They kinda sorta rocked the whole GQ thing.

Aaaand the cute sock thing.

The first look took place right across the Hudson from Liberty State park where their wedding venue, Liberty House, was located. 

I do so love a first look. Partly because a first look makes the post-wedding part of the day so much more enjoyable for the bride and groom because they have already gotten so many photos done. They can just focus on enjoying their guests and the party! But I think partly too because my husband and I did a first look before our wedding and we really loved that quiet moment together.

With no shortage of elegant details, this Liberty Park wedding was stunningly styled. 

So, one of the cool things about a wedding at Liberty State Park is the fact that there are boats. And trains. 

(I HEART RED! The end.)

Because boats means there’s a harbor.

And old trains mean there’s a broken down abandoned train station.

Ya know. The stuff of dreams. (sigh. faint.)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love NYC as a backdrop? It’s not so shabby either.

I’m so happy for these two and was blessed to be able to witness their promises to each other.


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