A Winter Wedding at Maritime Parc in Jersey City, New Jersey

As always, I had such a great time helping my friend, Jacqueline Patton Photography, capture this New Jersey Wedding at Maritime Parc in Jersey City.

No question about it, this day was chilly! But it was a gorgeous NYC winter wedding day. Crystal blue skies, a sparkling skyline and a semi-frozen Hudson River all combined to make for a great day for a (you guessed it) white wedding! (Thank you, Billy Idol. May your upper lip remain forever curled. Rock on.)

Despite the chill in the air, Lady Liberty set the example and toughed out the weather so Jacqueline and I followed her lead and rocked this Maritime Parc winter wedding at Liberty State Park. 

And honestly, there was enough love and gorgeous details at this event to warm the cockles of any photographer’s heart.

And of course there was the gorgeous bride. 

I’ve gotta say, one of the things I love about the Maritime Parc wedding venue in Jersey City is the copious amount of white walls. It’s like being surrounded by 100 soft white light reflectors. 

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention how gorgeous the spiral staircase at Maritime Parc is. 

So, I may have mentioned that it was a little cold out. In fact, I think it may have been one of the coldest days all winter. But this bride was not going to let the cold put a chill on her beautiful day! She braved it like no California bride I’ve ever photographed! Typically 50° is the point at which they declare that they have had enough and it’s time to go in (I relate, girls! I’m a California girl myself!) Not this bride. At somewhere in the neighborhood of -25° she was out there smiling and just enjoying her day! She may have had no feeling left in her extremities but that didn’t stop her from looking spectacular, did it? 

Speaking of spectacular… not a bad backdrop for a NYC wedding first look, right? 

I. Love. Her. Shoes. The End.

Did you ever see Father of the Bride? Remember Hank’s assistant, Howard Weinstein (who ironically is the cousin of a childhood friend of mine in real life)? His line, “All I can say is, thank God snow is white! It works. You know what I mean?” Having shot most of my weddings up until this past year in the San Francisco Bay Area, I had never put that line to the test until now, but Howard was right!

This one right down here? Favorite photo from the whole day.

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