A Truly Elegant New York City Wedding at Guastavino’s

Elegant NYC Wedding at Guastavino’s

I had the immense pleasure and distinct privilege of helping my friend, Jacqui of Jacqueline Patton Photography, capture this amazingly beautiful New York City wedding, recently featured on Love My Dress, back in December. With Guastavino’s as the wedding and reception venue, exquisite floral arrangements by Blade Floral Design of NYC, gowns and bridal accessories by Tara Keely, Monique Lhuillier and Reem Acra, you just can’t get more elegant. The bride and groom not only both had impeccable style, they were just genuinely lovely people to work with. Photographers really can’t dream of anything better.

As Jacqueline’s second shooter, I spent the first portion of the day as usual, with the groom and groomsmen, which is almost always a fun experience! These guys were great. My husband, who came along to help Jacqui and I carry all our gear, helped out immensely by being the chief bow-tie tutor (having only recently mastered the art himself!) And he was a little insta-star-struck when he saw that the groom and groomsmen bow ties were made by someone that he follows on Instagram, The Cordial Churchman.

The Bentley Hotel NYC is where we started out. It’s a beautiful hotel and super close to the couple’s wedding venue, Guastavino’s. My photographer’s eye was pleased by the symmetry in the lobby. 

I decided that the opportunity for some great bridal party shots under the Queensborough Bridge were worth braving the weather. And boy… was I ever right. I do love it when I’m right like this! Can I just say that I think Alanis Morissette was a little overly-dramatic about rain on your wedding day? Rain on your wedding day can be magical.

I gotta tell you… I’ve shot a lot of weddings. Over 100 in the past four years. But this moment? For some reason it was one of the more exhilarating. As I perched on the curb, feeling the fevered breath of the traffic behind me (and praying I wouldn’t suddenly be splashed by a passing cab),  my husband holding an umbrella over my head as I raised my voice over the rain and the city, I couldn’t believe that this was me. Here I was, working a wedding in NYC when just a year before I was living in Sunny California. 

My excitement over the perfection of the light in this little dry patch of the city that I was owning right then also had me just a little happy. Photographers normally squeal or gasp or freak out when the light loves on us like this. So I was feeling kind of on top of the world. And drippy wet. 

Guastavino’s is an incredibly gorgeous venue. I can’t wait to shoot there again!

The bride and groom decided to do a first look before their wedding ceremony. Always a wise decision!

So, speaking of photographers freaking out, gasping, dying a thousand deaths and telling you how much they love you for being willing to brave the rain….

So many beautiful details at this wedding!

The band from Hank Lane Music was unbeatable.

Nothing like the first dance!

I’ve had the honor of shooting a number of Jewish weddings now and I love so many parts of the day. But my favorite part might just be the Hora dance. So. Much. Fun.

Seriously! Cuteness overload!

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thank you, Jacqueline Patton Photography for having me along to help out!

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