Wedding Photography: 5 Small Things That Can Make You a Big Day Hero

Having some of these items at a moments notice can take you from a great wedding photographer to a HERO Wedding Photographer

Every seasoned wedding photographer can tell you a pretty good handful of stories of things that have gone wrong at weddings they’ve photographed. From the big to the small, there is always something. A few that I have witnessed:

  • Dresses that had minor alteration mistakes

  • A tux that was sized for a man of considerably smaller stature than the man for whom it was rented
  • Shoes, purses, veils that had tags still on them and not a pair of scissors to be found
  • Mother of the Bride Dresses missing a button 
  • Popped seams 

Needless to say, the list goes on. Most of the little things that go wrong are indeed little bumps, not emergencies, and brides who can keep their perspective about the meaning and importance of the day will choose not to completely freak out, but at the moment even these small things may feel a bit like emergencies. At that moment, if you as the photographer have the fix, you are going to be your client’s hero. (Or if you are a bride reading this, you can be your own awesome hero!)

 One of my fabulous brides having a great roll-with-it attitude about a slight gown issue where a roll of tape came to the rescue.
One of my fabulous brides having a great roll-with-it attitude about a slight gown issue where a roll of tape came to the rescue.

But let’s face it, a bride has a TON on her mind. She has details. She has emotions to juggle. She’s probably hungry! She has multiple vendors to manage and pay. She has major life changes swimming around in her heart and mind. While many brides (and awesome maids of honor) will have read a million magazine and blog articles about all the little tiny details to remember to not forget to remember for their big day, I can guarantee you this… something little will most likely be forgotten.

And, no offense to the gentlemen, because gentlemen are awesome, but I can almost double guarantee you that the groom, nor his best man, most likely never even read those articles so they will never have thought of the things I’m about to share with you. 

So, here are a few items that I have either had and been the hero or wished I’d had (and will in the future!) which I think every great wedding photographer should keep in a little “Wedding Emergency Kit.” It could be potential day-saver. 


Not affiliate links. I just link to Amazon because it’s where I buy all this kind of stuff!

  • A roll of Gaffer’s Tape (one white, one black) or 3M Transpore Medical Tape – Gaffer’s tape can come in handy for all sorts of wedding day mini-emergencies from a ripped seam to a tux pressed for a 4 foot man that was given to a 6 foot man. The reason I suggest a white roll and a black roll is probably pretty obvious but if you are fixing a wedding dress malfunction, you usually want white tape in case there is a small chance of the fix showing. Same goes for a black tux… black tape. 3M Transpore Tape is another really cheap option that could do the trick in a pinch and you may just have some in your medicine cabinet. 

  • A Mini Multi Tool such as the Gerber Dime Micro Tool or a Swiss Army Knife Keychain – I can’t tell you how many times having a keychain multi-tool with me has made me the hero of the moment. From snipping frayed dress edges to providing the only working bottle opener… I couldn’t even count how many times it’s been a lifesaver.


  • A Tiny Sewing Kit like this one from Quick Stitch – The applications for this are obvious. You’d be amazed at the number of times a tiny sewing kit has been the ONE thing that would have taken care of a mini-emergency. 


  • A Mini Lint Roller – The groom might be getting ready at home where he is accompanied by his beloved Best Dog, Fido (or maybe his Best Cat, Mr. Whiskers?) He might benefit from a de-furring when he’s out the door and the light of the Summer sun reveals the realities of shedding season.


  • Assorted Sizes of Safety Pins – Like the tape, you never know when safety pins will come in handy. But it feels so good to be the one in the room to produce that one elusive object that everyone is wishing for. 


While you may not be able to carry all of these things on your person and you may be shooting without an assistant who can carry it for you, keep a little kit like this in your car. You might be able to run out and get it or have someone else go for it if the situation warrants. In that moment, everyone will take note of the fact that you were experienced enough to be ready to know what to expect.


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