Cute Save The Date Idea

Did I just say totes adorbs? Why yes, yes I did. And it’s just not something I really say. But seriously, if there was ever a moment to use the phrase Totes Adorbs, this is it.
Several weeks ago my sweet friend, and fellow wedding photographer, Katie, asked me to help shoot at her double wedding coming up in September! Nothing uncomplicated about that kind of day. And nothing unawesome either. Of course I cried and said yes! Such an honor to help shoot the wedding of another wedding photographer. We both actually had the opportunity to shoot another of our wedding photographer friend’s weddings back in January and we had so much fun. So I’ll be one in a team of four photogs covering this day and I’m so excited!
A couple of weeks ago Katie called me and asked me if I could help her out with a photo for her and her sister’s save-the-date card. Of course I said yes because I just adore her and I love helping my friends! Little did I know it would involve straddling a 9 foot ladder in 89° weather! But hey, it was totally worth it! Check it out!
awesome save the date idea photo
awesome save the date idea photo
How fun is that?! I love it.
And I can’t wait for your beautiful wedding day Miss Katie! So blessed to know you and call you my friend! And I’m so honored to be able to help you capture your most special day in September!

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