My boys

I have a confession to make. Are you ready? It’s really pathetic and I’m ashamed to admit it.
Here it is.

I haven’t done a portrait session of my boys for three years. THREE YEARS. Really, there is no excuse for that but there it is.

Today I remedied that problem and took my boys out and had a great time shooting them. With my camera. Being photographer’s kids, they have a condition that normally presents when a camera is trained on them. It causes them to spontaneously erupt in strange facial expressions and an inability to make eye contact with a lens. Today, they showed that this might not be a permanent condition.


As you can see, I have a few clowns on my hands. They are a lot like their mother, actually. And they are cute to boot!Brothers-5 Brothers-22

There is something about seeing these photos today that made me realize just how fast they are growing up. They all look so tall and handsome.


There are some lucky ladies out there somewhere, I tell ya.

Brothers-47 I’m blessed to be able to capture their personalities with my camera. Most blessed to be their mama.

Published by Nan

We are not wanderers. We are sojourners traveling together along a broken path, following the one who goes before us into the suffering and into the ever brightening glory.

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