Your real beauty

As someone who loves being behind the camera, I know that we as ladies are our own worst enemies and harshest critics sometimes. Sometimes all we can see are our failings and flaws whereas others often see the whole picture. And they see it more clearly.
Not only do people now see things differently, future generations will look at your pictures and see so much more than the flaws you are focused on today. They will see beauty.

They will see strength of character.

They will see someone who laughed.

Someone who lived fully.

 engagement Couple in Los Altos Hills photo

Someone who dreamed.

Someone who loved.


Someone who was dearly loved.

They will see you for the memories they have of you and the stories they’ve been told. They will see smiles. They will see softness. They will see humor. They will see wrinkles and grey hairs and joy and sadness and hopes and losses all wrapped up into one full life.

Your picture will never communicate all those things that you hate about yourself to them.

Live beautifully and that is how people will see you… And you might just begin to see it about yourself.

Published by Nan

We are not wanderers. We are sojourners traveling together along a broken path, following the one who goes before us into the suffering and into the ever brightening glory.