Phil + Marie

Sometimes life makes your decisions for you. You don’t always get to decide when to make certain choices. Sometimes they are just there before you and you either collapse and throw up your hands or you throw out your arms and embrace the change as a gift from God. I was so thrilled back in December to offer this gift of a photography session through my church.

The project was a charity auction called Gifts of Grace. It was beautiful to see the outpouring of gifts and creativity that people put forth to raise money for two fabulous programs aimed at helping new mothers and foster children. Phil + Marie were the lovely winners of my auction item.

And they just happened to be an engaged couple. I have shot weddings and engagements with a high volume company for the past two years and have thoroughly enjoyed the work and the people I’ve been blessed to serve in this industry.

This project was special because it was for a cause that is dear to me as my parents were foster parents for ten years of my childhood and three of my brothers were foster children.

It was just an added bonus that Phil + Marie were so absolutely delightful, not to mention beautiful.


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We are not wanderers. We are sojourners traveling together along a broken path, following the one who goes before us into the suffering and into the ever brightening glory.

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  1. Nancy was a pleasure to work with, and her location recommendation for the Sutro Baths was spot on. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and she really used the light to her advantage in setting us up for the photos. The finished images were wonderful, and we’ve already framed several of them! Thanks Nancy!

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